Formulier niet gevonden Form with ID 10820 not found

Kan ik shortcodes gebruiken?
Yes! The following shortcodes are available:

Formulier niet gevonden To display the form. Replace ID with the id of the form
Form with ID ”ID” not found To display the total raised money. Replace ID with the id of the form
Formulier niet gevonden Countdown to your goal. Replace ID with the id of the form, goal must be higher then 0 and the text will be displayed when the goal is reached
Welke hooks zijn er beschikbaar?
The following action hooks with parameters are available:
* rfmp_form_submitted, post ID, $_POST data
* rfmp_customer_created, post ID, Mollie customer
* rfmp_payment_created, post ID, Mollie payment
* rfmp_webhook_called, post ID, payment ID